Monday, April 25, 2011

Rock On

We visited the Vulcan Quarry again, today. Mary loved learning about all the rocks, minerals and gems indigenous to Illinois. Fluorite is our state mineral - smile!
Sadly, I don't remember what each of the samples were~

Mary liked this one, a lot~
Again, it is just so cool to go down into a quarry!
The kids had a great time~
My littlest rockstar~
The Fist of Rock~
The kids always want to bring home lots of rocks, which Vulcan generously allows. They actually weigh us before and after to see how many pounds of rock we've collected. Sam found a fossil~

Since we were so close by, we stopped at the Lake Renwick rookery~

It was hard to know exactly what we were seeing, at first, the islands are covered with birds~
The boys had fun, too. I just wasn't able to get any pictures of them :)

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