Monday, May 30, 2011

Arkansas - The Natural State

Finally. They are back! The boys had a great time (with Grandpa and Gene) in Arkansas, this year. Charlie wants to fly down a week early next year.

I love my kids' names, and we love finding them out in the world~
Since I am in the midst of a huge silent auction as a fundraiser for the Greenhouse, Scott thought I would appreciate this~
I talked Scott into stopping at the Funk Prairie Home and Rock Museum (on Tracy's recommendation to me) on their way down. They loved it! Grandpa thought it was great, and everyone got a kick out of the museum curator, Bill Case. They were all so enthralled, they forgot to take pictures once inside~
The museum houses a huge collection of rocks and they are all extremely accessible. Everyone is encouraged to "touch it!", and are entertained and educated by Mr. Case's endless knowledge of all things Funk/history/earth science.
They stopped for lunch at Joe Rogers' Original Recipe Chili Parlor (of Man vs. Food fame)~
Once in Arkansas, the weather was less than stellar, but the boys still got plenty of time outdoors. While playing baseball, Sam chased a fly out to the grassy field, and stumbled upon this sleeping fawn~
Pretty awesome, right?
It's a double rainbow~
Playing catch (Mountain Home, Arkansas really is a boys dream) ~

This year they tried something new - trout fishing~Charlie's a natural (on the White River) ~
It doesn't matter if they don't catch a thing. This time with their dad, grandpa and a great friend (Gene) is priceless~

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