Monday, December 8, 2008

Trimming the Tree

The boys have a yearly tradition of going with Grandpa (and sometimes Pam, Daddy or Mama) to this tree farm in Oregon, IL and chopping down a Christmas Tree for our house. Grandpa wasn't feeling well today (the only time we had before Christmas) so Daddy took them to a place I had found on the internet in nearby Downer's Grove. Scott pulled up and saw that it was $5.00 just to park, trees started at $60.00, and it was another $10.00 to rent a saw. He turned around and ended up at the YMCA lot a couple of blocks from our house. The boys came home with our most beautiful tree ever! (They always have more fun with Granpda, though :) It is perfectly symmetrical and a lovely dark green.
We started with the tangle of lights, and then had to continue after baths~
It always takes so much longer than we plan, but the boys really love it. Here Sam is holding his Notre Dame nutcracker he got last year~
Charlie holding his first Christmas ornament (looks a lot like a little girl we know)~

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At A Hen's Pace said...

May you all have a merry and blessed Christmas!!

Love and good cheer--