Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We recently discovered another hidden gem in the western suburbs. Catigny is a sprawling park with beautiful gardens, two museums, a golf course, and every boy's favorite, the Tank Park. And the best part? It's only $5.00 to park, and free admission!
Catigny was Robert McCormick's (owner of the Tribune) summer estate~
Wouldn't it be lovely to spend one's summer here?
Sammy in awe~
Everything is actually very child-friendly~
Mary, keeping up with her brothers~
We just meandered over the grounds towards the "Idea Garden" (it was recommended by a fellow homeschooling friend we happened to bump into)~
This is where we stopped to eat our lunch~
Mary loves Sam~

Finishing our lunch in front of the "Idea Garden"~
Someone spotted this rock, shaped like a heart (upside-down)~
They also had fun searching for toads~
Where's Waldo~
Perfectly camouflaged~
The flowers are beautiful~

Check out this little dragon~

And another clever beast~

Finally, on to the highlight of the park - the tanks!
Anything my brothers can do...

The Big Red One (get it?) ~
The museum is surprisingly thorough and well executed. Sam communicating with his commander~
I think they cover at least a little of every war the united States has participated in. The boys are watching a short film on Viet Nam here~
We had a really great time. The weather was perfect! There is so much we'd like to explore more thoroughly. We'll definitely be visiting again soon.

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