Monday, September 7, 2009

Green Green Lake

We were invited to visit Green Lake again with the Humphreys. This time, though, instead of the dead of winter, we were able to enjoy the last weekend of summer together. You can see we brought our bikes behind these two hams~
Mary was mostly happy in the car, at least for the first 3 hours. We hit some bad traffic on our way up (Tracy claims it was the worst they'd ever seen, but I have a feeling she says that to all her friends...)~
When we finally arrived we stopped for a fish fry at Walker's, a favorite of John's for over 30 years! Walker's is so timeless, they don't even have a website, but you can get their information if you scroll down here ~
Apparently, this is the trip of "normal" photos followed by "silly" photos~
On Saturday we drove over to the Green Lake Conference Center, and took our bikes for a ride, the highlight of which was a downhill run where we reached 28 MPH!!
The Conference Center is owned by the American Baptist Assembly, and they graciously make their beautiful grounds available to the public, free of charge~
Scott and John enjoyed some tennis with the kids while Tracy and I watched~

Dessert, thanks to Audrey - YUM~
It's not a vacation unless there's hammock-ing in the dark~
And swinging before bed~

Here's a shot of "green" Green Lake, as Mary makes her way up to the swing set~
Almost there~
Finally (it's beautiful, isn't it?) ~
Here's our salty dog~

Charlie and Sam, always up for anything athletic, attempting to water ski (Charlie was up for about 2 seconds, Sam not so much. Maybe next time...)~
Hot Diggity Tub~

Green Lake is really beautiful. Jim and Annie Humphrey were our gracious hosts this weekend, and with Audrey's help, made us feel welcome and comfortable. What a lovely home, filled with wonderful people!

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