Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sharp-Dressed Men

Uncle Marcus got married today! Scott was a groomsman, and Charlie was the ring bearer. Sam wore a tux for the occasion, too~Every one commented on how good Charlie was with the little flower girl. Of course he was, he's excellent with his own little sister~
It's very difficult to get a picture with more than one person looking at the camera~
Or even with everyone's eyes open~
Maybe a change in position will help~
Mary is uncooperative~
Because (what else?) she wants her clothes off~
The most we can do is tights, I'm afraid~
That helps...and she's off~
Quiet time with Daddy~
Handsome brothers~
The apple and the tree~
My favorite six year old~
The party animal~
Of course Mary delighted everyone~
Dancing queen~
Daddy's little girl~
This might be the only shot of our whole family since Mary was born~
It was exhausting, but a lot of fun!

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