Monday, October 5, 2009

Arboretum - Children's Garden

Charlie had a field trip to the Arboretum today with some kids from the Greenhouse; Sam, Mary and I explored the Children's Garden while we waited~
There's a lot to see~
If you build it, Sam will climb it~
The two of them especially liked this section of "Adventure Woods" ~

Apparently, Monday mornings are a great time to come - the place was deserted~

Look closely to see the giant frog~
There was a tadpole in this bucket~
Mary discovered a new way to ride (now we have a double stroller!) ~
She likes it~
Check out this magnificent hawk~
He sat there eyeing all the passers-by, and I waited with my camera set to video, hoping to catch him in flight. Of course, right after I gave up, he took off!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing these pictures! I saw your post and something about "human milk for human babies" sparked my interest on the Many Rivers group so I clicked on your blog link. My name is Claire; I live in Naperville with my husband Ben and four kids. I recently joined the Many Rivers group but have not been to any meetings yet. We are Arboretum members and those images are very familiar; we love climbing and exploring over there, and often take the one-day classes for our older girls. We have a daughter 6.5, daughter 3.5 and twin daughters 1.5...