Monday, October 19, 2009

You! The Experience

We trekked down to the Museum of Science and Industry with our friends, the Peseks, today. First stop - Jolly Ball!
Then we checked out the new exhibit, You! The Experience. It is fantastic! Sam rocked the hamster wheel. We need one of these in our family room~ Mary learning about how her heart works. Well, not her heart. Her heart is special. How the rest of our hearts work~
I heart oxytocin~
Mary's first time on an airplane~
Stopping to check our maps. I love how Mary hangs with the big kids~
The rock-climbing wall is always a hit~

And the race car simulators are a perennial favorite~
My "extreme" athletes~

Mary thinks she knows it all~

Of course, no trip to the museum is complete without stopping at The Great Train Story~
The kids (and adults) could spend hours following the trains' journeys~

Mary cleaned a cow's nose on our way to the exit~
We had a blast! We only were able to really explore a couple of exhibits, so I hope to head back around Christmastime and check out the Trees from Around the World, along with some other favorites.

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Anonymous said...

We made it to your blog!! :-) Can we go back with you to see the trees? I'll drive again but this time I won't take the detour. Yay, thanks for inviting us. It was very fun!