Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum

This morning we discovered another of the suburbs' hidden treasures. The Juricha-Suchy Nature Museum on the campus of Benedictine Museum, is definitely something to see. We had a little field trip today, with a really lovely curator (it happened to be her last day - her successor is going to have some very large shoes to fill!) ~
To start, she sent the kids off on a scavenger hunt~
The museum is very small, but is jam-packed, with almost 10,000 specimens~
After finding everything, the we were able to touch and really examine some really cool animals, like this hawk~

A couple of different feathers were passed around~

A skunk skin~
Cheetah cap~

A turtle shell~
Mountain goat~
It's really amazing how many landscapes and animals they cram in to such a small space - everywhere you look (up, down, sideways) there is something to see~
This polar bear was very cool~

It was only after being in the museum for almost an hour that I looked up and saw this skeleton of a baleen whale~
Charlie says it best in this video he took. "It's amazing in here!"

This place is definitely worth checking out, again and again. Best part is it's free!

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