Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prehistoric Zoo

While visiting Brookfield Zoo today with the Pesek's, a friendly peacock and her chicks joined us while we were eating our lunch. Mary thought we were visiting the dinosaurs, which in a way, I guess, she's right~

There is always something new to see at the zoo~
This hen was pretty serious about where she was sitting~

We were able to see the new "Great Bear Wilderness" exhibit. (Our friend, Cole, is in the commercial!) This grizzly was HUGE~
We all had a lot of fun, but it was very crowded. I vowed never to go during summer break again. One of the privileges of homeschooling is not having to adhere to everyone else's schedule :)

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Nicki said...

We were at the zoo on Friday! We saw a peacock and her little mini-peacock walking down the path too. So cute! And we got to see the polar bear swim under water, do a hand stand, and eat a fish. You're right, though, during summer break the zoo is... well, a ZOO!