Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shedd Aquarium - 2010

We drove down to the Shedd today, to take advantage of an awesome group rate a fellow homeschooler had set-up~
Aiden and Sam check out a sea star (we learned that's what starfish preferred to be called when were at the Juricha-Suchy museum last week~
Of course Mary loved the penguins~
Always very cool~
They continue to make museums more and more kid-friendly~

Our $5 (total, not per person!!) admission even included the Oceanarium show, which has become kind of hokey~

Too many theatrics, not enough animals~
But Mary liked it~
There's a sever case of Blackhawk fever taking over the city~

On our drive home, we saw lots of support for the soon-to-be Stanley Cup champions~
I fought rush-hour traffic in Chicago to get this shot for Wendy~

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