Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Land of the Delta Blues

Scott has been wanting to go down with the boys to Memphis again for over a year. We all like it there, but Scott loves it. The weather, the music, the ribs. First stop is always Blues City Cafe~
Charlie (my handsome boy) is pretty happy about what he's going to be having for dinner~
Sam, always so cool~
Beale Street has live music every weekend during the summer. It's all free and there are tons of performers~
This Elvis impersonator was performing a marriage ceremony~
Rudy Williams, the "Mayor of Beale Street" ~
They've got some big voices down there~
Another favorite eatery is Huey's. They've got great burgers, ribs, root beer~

And the boys love shooting toothpicks at the ceiling~

The other thing they love to do in Memphis is catch a Redbirds game~

Cheap tickets, great seats, awesome baseball~

Sam got to run the bases~

I love how happy, and a little sheepish, he looks here~

Memphis is hot. And it's an 8+ hour drive. So Mary hasn't gone yet. However, we were able to time things so Mary and I flew out to Colorado to visit Jennifer and Tom while the boys were gone.

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