Saturday, August 28, 2010


We woke up bright and early today, to get Sam down to his first triathlon (and Charlie's 3rd) ~
My superstars, before the race~
The weather couldn't have been better~

Can you tell he's not used to wearing a helmet?
I love his smile here~
I don't know how they do it!

This was Charlie's first year doing the longer race (200 meter Swim, 8k Bike & 2k Run). He had a respectable time of 44:10~Waiting for Sam to start~

There he goes!! He was a little apprehensive about the race as we were driving down (Charlie was, too, the first year) ~

Crossing the finish line~

Sammy-bones!! Sam was so proud of himself. He finished his 100 meter Swim, 4k Bike & 1k Run, in 26:46 ~
He immediately said he didn't want to do it next year (we think he'll change his mind ;) ~

I love my kids~
We're off to Sleeping Bear Dunes tomorrow!!

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