Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fair Weather Fan

We stopped by the County Fair today. It was raining, so we didn't stay as long as usual~
Mary with a giant frog (toad?) ~
Just like her brother, she loves the tractors~
And we always love the pig races~
Believe it or not, the corn husking never gets old, either~

If it walks like a duck~

That's a big truck~
There was this young performer who juggled, etc... Sam was called up to be his assistant~
Pretty cool~
We love this guy every year, too~
Mary could have spent all day on the tractors. Because it was raining, she really didn't have to wait her turn~
Where does our food come from?
We ran into our friend, Sonnet (love her name!) - she had entered some beautiful photographs in the fair~
The county fair is one of the suburbs' under-appreciated events. It's affordable, with lots of fun, and educational, opportunities. It's worth checking out!

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