Sunday, November 1, 2009

Father-Son Camp

This weekend was the long-awaited, and much regaled, Father-Son Camp. Our friends, the Humphreys have gone for the past couple of years, and we finally got on board. This year, poor Cole was struck down with a case of H1N1 at the last minute :( Thankfully, Scott, Charlie and Sam were still able to meet up with the Fishers. Charlie and Isaac~
The camp is held at Walnut Point State Park in central Illinois. It was a beautiful weekend, but it did get down into the 40's at night. David borrowed a pop-up, though, and that really helped everyone stay warm.
This is the moment Sam and Charlie have been dreaming of for months - paint ball!
The handsomest 10-year old I know~
They returned this evening, just in time to help celebrate Mary's birthday. How sweet that they were thinking of her on the road~

All three boys had an amazing weekend - Charlie and Sam both assured me it was worth missing Halloween for this experience. They can't wait for next year, and hopefully Cole will make it, too!

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