Monday, November 2, 2009


College of Dupage offers these wonderful, affordable performances. We've seen many really great shows over the years, many of them more than once because they were so awesome! Today we saw a really cool show of Chinese drummers. Jigu! was fascinating and beautiful~

Lately, Mary lasts for about half of each show. When she gets antsy, we step out to the lobby for a bit, where she charms all the college students~

We decided to take advantage of the Indian summer and stopped by Willowbrook Wildlife Center on our way home. This is a place that, sadly, if it's out of my sight, it's out of my mind. But whenever we visit, we love it! Today Sam spent some time with a rescued rabbit~
Mary liked the (shudder) rats~

These blue jays were fun to watch up close~

There are all kinds of animals outside, too~
This turkey vulture was huge~
A peregrine falcon. I think it's time to reread, "My Side of the Mountain" ~
Look at this pretty little kestrel~
They recently added a sandhill crane habitat~
We kept our fingers safe~

We have another show next week, at COD (Kevin Locke Native American Dancers). Hopefully this weather will hold, and we can stop by again!

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