Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Say Yes! to Michigan

We've been going here for years, and I don't think we'll ever tire of it. This time, we brought the Peseks with, to show them one of our most favorite spots on earth~
We left Saturday right after the boys' triathlon, and got up late that night. The Peseks found us a cabin for night, and Jacqueline and I were up before the sun to get in line for a camping site. I've always said Michigan is my favorite state, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is why. People (especially native Michiganders) would look at me like I was crazy. I finally feel vindicated with this report from Good Morning America, naming Sleeping Bear Dunes the "Most Beautiful Place in America". The drawback is it will now become more crowded :( After setting up camp and settling in on Sunday, Monday we canoed down the Platte River~
Mary and her buddy, Aaron, share a ride~
No "bleaches" (leeches) this time~

At the mouth of Loon Lake, we came across this awesome sand castle someone had built on a sandbar~

On Tuesday we climbed the dunes for a bit, while our friends explored on their own~
Handsome at 8~
I am always amazed at the never-ending energy my kids have~
Good fathers make good sons~

She keeps going~
And going~
And going~
I love this little girl~
We spotted this guy our last night~
While we packed up Wednesday morning, Mary kept herself busy (applying make-up to her knees) ~
We all had a wonderful time - and can't wait to go again next year!

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