Saturday, August 13, 2011

White Sox vs. Royals

We were able to catch White Sox game tonight. The boys will never turn down a baseball game, even if it's cold and probably going to rain~
The White Sox have a really nice area that is only for families with children. No alcohol allowed and lots of games to try out (video, athletic, etc...) ~
Waiting out the (first) rain delay~
Just inside the "Fundamentals" ~
This turned into a much later night than we had anticipated, but Mary's still smiling~
And getting a little loopy~

There was a season ticket holder in front of us who really had a lot to drink. He was leaning over the balcony, shouting all by himself, so loud that his voice was getting hoarse, in super-slow time, "Let's. Go. White. Sox". When his neighbor suggested he not lean so far over, he replied, "I'm not stupid, Jim, just crazy." Sam was cracking up (along with the other kids in the area) at his antics~
During the 42 minute rain delay before the start of the eighth, Sam decided to bust a move~

Paul Konerko hit a two-run homer and Tyler Flowers added his first home run in the majors for a White Sox win, 5-4. It was a fun night :)

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