Saturday, August 6, 2011


After two very long weeks, we finally picked Charlie up from Honeyrock today~
We missed him more than words can convey (there was no phone contact the entire two weeks - only letters!) ~
While we waited for the campers to appear, Mary enjoyed watching the horses~
There he is - safe and sound (and grown!!!) ~
Sam and Mary really missed their big brother~
Charlie was tired, with a hoarse voice, but he was beaming~

Best buds~
Not too shabby~

Charlie was very sweet and had gifts for Sam and Mary (Mary is holding the frog he bought her) ~
Sam with the football from his big brother~
Hands down - Charlie's favorite activity was sailing. He couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was. I think we have a future circumnavigator on our hands. Family Day is set up so the rest of us can try out some of the activities. Charlie was so happy to be able to take Sam sailing on the lake~
Mary looks on~
These are the moments that warm my heart (sorry to be so cheesy, but I mean it!) ~
I am impressed!

Mary got busy in the craft cabin~
You really can't go wrong with glitter~

Taking a quick dip~

The awards and worship service was amazing~

Charlie and his counselors, Zack and Luke~
Saying goodbye is hard. How these boys have grown!

My honeyrocks~
We got an extra day with Isaac and Hannah, because their flight home didn't leave until the next day. Guess who's a little in love with Hannah~
"Oh Hannah" (said with an evil lilt) ~
Hannah is a ballerina - what's not to love?

Another hard good-bye, although I know Hannah and Isaac are anxious to get home and reunite with mom, dad and Ian~

What a blessing this friendship is~
Their "secret" handshake~

Below are a few pictures taken by the camp counselors during the week. Cabinmates~
Charlie during his favorite activity~

Canoeing on their wilderness (read very primitive) campout~

Charlie LOVED Honeyrock. He is excited to start saving his money so he can go again next summer. Scott and I are looking forward to hearing more about his experience and witness God's work in him through his time there.

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