Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Picking

Today we visited Apples On Oak, in Joliet. It took us less than 30 minutes to get there, thanks to the new 355 extension. This was our first time visiting this orchard. I think we'll go back again next year, though, because it's nearby, run by a family living on the premises, and they only charge for apples picked (no admission like other places). Also, they don't have any of the agri-tainment (moon jump, etc...) like so many other apple orchards and pumpkin farms, which I don't care for. I just want my kids to have an opportunity to see where food comes from and participate in that in even a small way. Unfortunately, they didn't have many apples left, but they did have an abundance of Asian Pears. They are super sweet pears that are round like apples. The boys actually thought they were too sweet, but they really enjoyed the apples~

We brought our friend, Cole, along~
And Mary hung out, all 11 months(!) of her~ We plan to make some apple/pear sauce and also some oatmeal pear cookies.

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