Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lombard Police Department

This afternoon we visited the Lombard Police Department. Here we are looking at a bit of LPD history~

In the briefing room~

Checking out the jail~

Tracy is not so sure we should be releasing all these suspects~

For some reason Charlie looks a lot like Uncle Mark here~ This is only funny because Charlie is my child who is least likely to do hard time~
Elliot on the other hand...
Impersonating a police officer is pretty heavy duty.

In the work-out room~
The shooting range. This was pretty cool - it's in the basement of the police building and they have strobe lights going when they're practicing~
Mary saw a box of Dunkin Donuts, and thought she was being funny~ The kids really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Lombard's Finest. I was glad for the opportunity to clarify what the "daytime curfew" means for homeschoolers :)


tracy said...

You know, just a little more about my kids and I could really just call this MY blog...our blog?

mama said...

Wait 'til tomorrow - when it's all about "our" soup exchange...