Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lilacia Park - in the Fall

After Ice Skating today, Charlie had a birthday party to attend, so Sam, Mary and I walked through Lilacia park before Sam's library program. The weather was amazing! Sam requested I take a photo of him on the deer~

Mary, considering a snack~
I'd like to get some of this ground cover for our house~
This is the middle of October, folks - look at how green the grass still is (and check out the pretty baby, too)~
Some friends joined us for a little bit, too~
Emma took these photos - I didn't see them until I downloaded them off my camera. Nice composition, Emma!
We are really enjoying this autumn.


Anonymous said...

You're right, I should have a blog. Maybe I can make it a homeschooling project for my young photographer.

Marmee March

mama said...

EVERYone should have a blog ;)

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, THAT'S who Marmee March is!! I can tell from her comments that she knows me, but I couldn't place the name!

Have her check out my sons' blogs and our homeschooling blog. A blog can be ultra low-key!

And tell her if she won't start a blog, she can at least have a profile with a picture...