Friday, October 31, 2008

Cosley Zoo

We haven't been to Cosley Zoo in a long time - it's a nice little zoo, good for killing just an hour or so. I have many memories of Sam's first spring, meeting friends there with Charlie, and Sam would fall asleep in the sling, almost as soon as I started walking.

After Charlie's Latin class we stopped by to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather and check out the tiny pumpkin patch. Charlie wanted a picture of these interesting mushrooms~ Mary pointing at a chicken, while eating a nugget...
Mary loves her brothers~
I love these three~
We all like watching this fox. Poor thing just runs back and forth the whole time, but he is cute~
They have a great collection of various birds of prey~
My smiley 5 year old~
The big girl on a haystack~
It's hard to get a picture of all three looking at the camera~
Tonight - trick or treating! This is the warmest Halloween I can remember.

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