Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 10 - "I hear the noise of many waters far below." ~James Joyce

This morning when we first peeked out of our tent, we saw three Mule deer walk right past our campsite!  They are much bigger than the deer we see around Illinois - at first we thought they were elk.

We hiked down the lower falls.  It had a ton of switchbacks, but was manageable for all five of us.  Definitely worth the trip~

Little miss mischief~

The name says it all~

Near the end of the day we drove into Grand Teton National Park.  We wanted to check out the Colter Bay Visitor Center and Indian Arts Museum.  There was a woman there making jewelry from her tribe.  They had a nice, very accessible collection of various handcrafts and other more elaborate works of art from Native Americans.

We ended up in Dubois, WY, a place I fell in love with.  It is exactly what I imagine a small town to be.  There was a nice little main street, with a quaint little diner - The Cowboy Cafe.  Everything was homemade and delicious.  As we sat there eating dinner, we saw person after person come in and greet someone they knew.   We stayed in a small hunter's motel.  It was for sale and that night I dreamed of buying it and moving out west. 

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