Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 4 - "The worst thing you can do is nothing.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Today we visited something that loomed large in my own memories, Mitchell, SD's, "Corn Palace".  It was just as interesting as I remembered, albeit smaller :)

Charlie and Mary look so happy, they have no idea how long a drive getting across South Dakota is going to be!
Look what we discovered - Bear Claw Ice Cream (from Michigan!) in South Dakota :)
It was incredibly windy. We saw many RVs and semis we thought would tip over!
When you're driving across Highway 90 in South Dakota, there are a ton of huge sunflower fields. It is really amazing to see them all with their "faces" towards the sun~
Of course, you can't drive through South Dakota without stopping at Wall Drug. By the time we were almost there, even Scott and I were getting excited about the 5 cent cup of coffee and homemade doughnuts! It is a nice place to get out and stretch your legs. There's plenty to just look at. But there's a ton of tchotchkes that are hard to resist. This is the the "Backyard"~

Charlie is such a good sport~
After driving for several hours, Mary konked out just before we reached the "Garden of the Gods" ~
I stayed in the car with her while Scott took the boys quickly through - we were trying to get to Mount Rushmore still!

And we made it!
The kids loved it! We all did :) It IS pretty amazing. We ate dinner at the restaurant on the grounds - Buffalo stew and chili :)
We ended up staying for the night ceremony. Charlie, especially, was very moved.

Since it was getting colder, and was super late at night, we stayed in a primitive cabin at the Mount Rushmore KOA.

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