Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 12 - Cowboys and Girl

It was freezing last night - down to the 30's.  The inside of out tent has been covered with condensation every morning.The campsites are really beautiful, with sage grass all around.   We haven't been eaten by a bear yet!
While Scott and I broke camp, Charlie, Sam and Mary walked down to the river.
They saw tons of prints and scar from various animals~

Good morning~
The days start out pretty chilli (and then get really hot by mid-afternoon!)~

On our way to Jenny Lake we stopped to say hello to some horses~

We hiked around Jenny Lake (pretty!) a bit, and then got back on the road to head to Jackson.  Au revoir, les trois tétons!

After the first place we stopped for horseback riding was closed for the season, we finally got lucky!
Mary makes friends wherever she goes~
The boys were going on a trail ride for a couple of hours, while Scott and I stayed behind with Mary~
Ready to ride~
Mary was going to just ride around the corral for a while.  She was so excited~
Mary meeting Dagger~
She's a pro~

Mary, the yodeling cowgirl~

Sam the man~
Charlie getting his instructions~
Into the mountains they go~

I think they liked it~
And they're back.  Charlie and Sam had a great time, with beautiful views~
Next we headed into Jackson proper (very touristy, but who cares when it's so pretty?!) for some ice cream, and to see the infamous antlers arches.  There are four sets, one on each corner to the town square~
We are now kind-of-officially heading home.  We  drove 340 miles and made it to  the Douglas, Wy, KOA, where we tumbled half-asleep into one of their rustic cabins.

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