Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 7 - Gunslingers

We made our way to the Battle at Little Big Horn. The boys earned their Junior Ranger badges~
It is awe-inspiring to see so many grave markers from so long ago~
This was Scott's favorite part of the trip thus far~

We made our way to Cody (with a detour to Walmart for food and cash - there aren't many choices in the middle of nowhere!).  Our first stop was the Dug Up Gun Museum.  A friend had told us about this small, hidden-gem of a museum.  We were really glad we stopped there.  It is just someone's passion for relic guns - those make the best kind of museums!
We made sure to be in the town square for the gunfight - of course the kids really liked it~

Better watch yer step, pardner~
This was Buffalo Bill's favorite place to hang his hat~
After all the excitement, we stopped for Mexican food.  It wasn't very good, cost too much, and it was super slooooow.  I felt like I was an impatient New Yorker, but really, with kids, you don't want to wait 40 minutes for someone to take your order in an empty restaurant.  We stayed at the KOA outside of Cody in anticipation of visiting the Buffalo Bill Historical Center first thing in the morning.

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