Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 8 - Oh, Give Me a Home

This morning we were greeted by the beautiful Wyoming sky.  The kids played a quick game of chess while we packed up~
We stopped at Granny's (recommended by a local), and we were not disappointed.  The breakfast was hearty, and the staff was friendly and quick.  This beautiful old stove was in the foyer~
Next we headed to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  We were not prepared for how massive the place was.  We ended up spending several hours there, and wishing me had more time.  We would definitely plan for a couple of days there in the future.  Our little Annie Oakley~
There are 5 wings to the museum.  The was just on the promenade~
The museum was featuring local artists~
I love this game table.  The backgammon pieces were made from antlers~
The kids could have spent a week here~

 A local wood carver was demonstrating his craft~
This Indian's name is beautiful and her words tug at my heart~
We destroyed so much.  There aren't enough words.

Can we ever call what the settlers did to the Indians anything other than a massacre?  We need to remember this for future generations.  Might does NOT make right~

My trumpeter~

The history of the Wild West show is fascinating~

Mary loved this saddle~
Daddy did, too~

On our way (finally!!), to Yellowstone~

We're in!

Kids happy at Yellowstone Lake~

Daddy tired~

Mary showing me a bug~

The kids loved just hanging out by the water~
And in the water~
Nakey baby~
Someone somewhere when we stopped, called Yellowstone (with disdain), "The World's Largest Petting Zoo".  I don't care, it's fun and interesting to be able to see so many buffalo up close~

This guy was taking a dirt bath~

So we're driving along and we come upon this massive bison in the middle of the road.
I made Scott turn around and drive back and forth 2 or 3 times, so we could get really close~
Charlie christened him, "Mr. Pouty".  He was enormous!
And he owned the road~
For some reason, seeing just "road" on the GPS cracked me up~
It was late when we finally made it to any lodging.  We got the last place to sleep in the park.  I called all over and there was only a motel-like place, and we got the last room.  Tomorrow - Old Faithful!

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