Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 9 - Like Clockwork

Sunday morning dawned sunny and cool/  We were excited because we were going to check out Old Faithful and other geysers today.
This giant crow caught our eye (and was a little scary) ~
Scott and I went over various scenarios regarding this sign~
The quintessential family road trip photo~
We had front row seats, but a long wait.  Geysers aren't exactly like clockwork (but pretty close) ~

Thar she blows~

"The largest collections of geysers and hot springs on Earth is preserved at Yellowstone National Park for the benefit and inspiration of people around the world." ~ sign at Old Faithful Visitors Center.  We saw many other smaller geysers as we drove through the park.
We went for dinner and then returned to the "Old Faithful Visitors Center".  There we enjoyed a ranger's bear talk.  It was excellent.  It allayed some of our fears about camping in the park.  I still had a hard time not waking at every single rustling sound outside our tent.  It got very cold overnight - in the 30's.  But we stayed snug as bugs bundled together in our tiny tent :)

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