Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For the gentle wind does move silently, invisibly. ~William Blake

Today we visited a wind farm.  I am fascinated by wind turbines, and since we are studying physics this year, it seemed like a perfect field trip!  The people at Invenergy were so friendly and helpful~

Everyone had to wear a construction hat to protect(?!) us if a blade fell on our heads~ 
Our group from the Greenhouse~
A little bird's nest in one of the propeller blades~
These things are huge.  We saw some being transported earlier last year and at first had no idea what they were~
I must be part Dutch.  I love watching these~
Corn growing beneath the wind turbine, near the nuclear power plant.  Delicious?
The Exelon nuclear generating station~

Looking up, inside the turbine.  An employee proposed to his wife up there~
So much data~

The littlest student~

It was pretty cool getting a close up view of this wind farm~
Since we were already so far west, Jacqueline and I decided to stop by a local apple orchard.  They had some bees for us to check out~

We were the only ones visiting and the owner was very friendly and took us on a tour~
Hives (decorated by local girl scouts) ~

We bought some local honey to enjoy at home.  A fun, interesting, and exhausting day!

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