Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 - MinneSOta - Baseball and Burgers

After a luxurious night's sleep, we quickly made our way to Church of the Cross, our church's "daughter".  We need one of these parishes in every town.  It was wonderful to worship in the same way we always do :)

After church we took the light rail to Target Field to catch a Twins game.  The light rail is awesome, and Minnesotans are so trusting, there are no ticket takers.  You buy your ticket from a machine at the station and never have to show it anyone!

The game was great.  It was a little chilly and it did start to drizzle, but you can't beat fun at the ol' ballpark. 

Sam got to meet T.C. the Bear~

It's a really beautiful park with fresh caught walleye at the concession stands.

On our way back the hotel, we jumped off the light rail in order to stop at Matt's Bar and try their Juicy Lucy.  We thought the restaurant was just a couple blocks from our stop, but it ended up being closer to 2 miles, through some pretty questionable neighborhoods.  We didn't let fear or fatigue stop us from our pursuit of the best Juicy Lucy, though.  It was worth the trek~

We all agreed, Matt's Bar was the victor.  We ended up calling a cab to take us to the light rail stop, and took a couple of burgers to go!  Back at the hotel, we all went swimming again and had fun playing tag in the pool :)

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